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Tuesday, March 5th 2013

1:11 PM

Dryer Tips


55% of our Customers do not know how to use the Clothes Dryer ... Perhaps you are one of them... Look...!!! $20.00 in the garbage can. The expression of surprise is what most of our clients reflect. $20.00 each month means; about $ 240.00 a year.

The question is. How is this possible?

My answer is a question ... Drying time used in your clothes dryer is?... If your answer is a number, you are throwing your money in the trash.

The Correct answer is... I Use the automatic drying system. This system does not work with the drying time, but because the moisture Sensor, reads the humidity from your clothes and advance your timer.

For Example: Mary always dry her clothes with a time of 60 min. It is possible that at 40 min the clothes are dry. Wasting 20 min.
But Erika: She always uses Regular Automatic Dry. Her dryer stops when the clothes are Dry and not waste the 20 min like Mary.

Clean ducts and screens. Lint buildup reduces the effectiveness of dryers, making them work harder, longer and costing more money. If you use the Dryer 2 times for the same load... Something is wrong... Call a Technician... A regular vent clean at your home, Cost less than your monthly Electrical Bill.

Vent dryers properly. Flexible plastic or metal ducts, trap lint when they sag or bend, creating a fire hazard. Look for solid-metal ducts.

Remember to always use the highest speed at Spinning cycle with the Washer Machine settings, this reduce the drying time dramatically.

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